What is the status of KIW company?

The status of KIW is a BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise) directly under the Ministry of BUMN.

What are the businesses at KIW?

KIW provides ready-to-sell industrial land and Ready-to-Use Factory Buildings (BPSP) for rent.

How much land is available?

± 5 Ha of land available and ready to be sold, and ± 65 Ha ready to be developed (updated).

What is the land ownership status?

The status of land ownership is pure HGB (building rights).

What are the facilities at KIW?

Facilities from the Government: KLIK (Kemudahan Investasi Langsung Kontruksi) in English Ease of Direct Investment Construction.
Facilities from the area: Wastewater treatment, clean water treatment, hydrant networks, telephone and electricity, security 24/7, ambulance and regional standard roads.

Can KIW do water drilling?

No. It isn’t. KIW has provided clean water to meet the needs of tenants.

What is the Minimum Wage for the City of Semarang?

The minimum wage for Semarang City in 2021 is IDR 2,810,025 / month.

What is the capacity of clean water at KIW?

The clean water capacity at KIW reaches 5,000 m² / m³ / day and is in the process of being upgraded.

What is the wastewater capacity at KIW?

The Wastewater capacity at KIW reaches 1,000 m² / m³ / day and is moderate
stage of improvement.

Where can I get more information about KIW?

Contuct Us:

  • WA 0812-1111-8022
  • Telp (024)866 2156
  • Email pemasaran@kiw.co.id/go_kiw@kiw.co.id