Corporate Governance Guidelines


This Code of Conduct contains an ethic values related to the behavior of PT. Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate to reach the goals, vision, mission, and corporation strategy. We create a propitious, professional, sincere, extroverted, and perceptive work environment for all of the users in PT. Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate (Persero) and the necessary for stake-holders.

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According to the Decree of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Number: KEP-117 / M-MBU / 2002 concerning the Implementation of Good Corporate Govenance (GCG) Practices in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), that SOEs are required to apply GCG consistently and or make GCG as the basis operationally, the Management already has a Code of Corporate Governance or Code of Corporate Governance.

One of the guidelines for PT KIW (Persero) to realize its vision and mission is the Principle of Corporate Governance or known as Good Corporate Governance (GCG). The consistent implementation of GCG is expected to be able to increase the business development, accountability and realize shareholder value in the long term without ignoring the interests of other stake-holders, which in turn will provide more values for the corporation during compete the increasingly fierce business competition.

Therefore, the company needs to arrange a kind of guidelines that organize the Corporate Governance called Code of Corporate Governance or “COCG”. This guidelines will be realized well followed by an active role of participants from each organization of company to perform and take a part for every rules as their each roles.

COCG will be reviewed and updated regularly along with the dynamically company’s business activities and will still improve it. By enactment the corporate governance guidelines within PT. KIW (Persero), it’s expected to provide motivation for an organization of the company to be a professional company with a high performances and good image for a citizens and stake-holders.

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