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PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate) is the company that owned and manage by Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN). The main field of this company is improving the development and management of the industial estate in Indonesia, especially in Central Java.
Parcel Land

PT. KIW provides a 250 Ha industrial areas that is ready to build. It’s strategic,  flood-free areas, free location permit, AMDAL, and HO. KIW offers this area with these following facilities, such as good clean water system, IPAL, electrical system, Hydrant, and telephone network.

Standart Factory Buliding

KIW provides a 48.388m2  factories that ready to execute for developing your business. It perfects for several usage such as factories and warehouse. Not only providing the areas, but also KIW is ready to build a new factory buildings that needed for investors while improving their business further.


Water Treatment Plant

KIW has a water treatment that can supply the clean water well for investors. Besides, the standardization of this clean water was passed laboratory research granted. Thus, it can be used for industrial necessary.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

KIW is the one and only industrial estate at Central Java that has WWTP. KIW WWTP tremendously supports the operational of the company regarding to this waste treatment.

Maintenance Fee/Service Charge

KIW is commited to provide the optimum services with a propitious expense for investors and their further business.



KIW is commited to offers the peaceful industrial estate with 24 hours security system. Thus, KIW provides the security officers who will monitor this industrial estate.


Regarding to the security system, KIW provides the professional fire brigade who will stand-by and take an actions immediately, combined with their abilities in this field.



In accordance to support the business operational. Transportation is the most needed in a business progressing. Thus, KIW provides accessable and proper road that will make this business operational reachs the best achievement.


The goal of KIW is to support the investor’s business progressing. So that, the investors need no worry for the reason that KIW has a professional management team that has an abilities in their field.


Safety First. Safety for the users is the most important. Thus, KIW provides this facilities.A24 hours ambulance that will stand-by and take an action immediatelly for emergency situation.


Regarding to support the operational of the factories, the natural gas is the main component that needed. So that, KIW provides this natural gas that will support this business progressing to reach their goals successfully.



KLIK ( Kemudahan Investasi Langsung Kontruksi ) is the best features presented by Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate , due to the permits for investors who have a plan ahead in this industrial estate. Thus, this license allows the investors to conduct a construction if they have got a principal permit (IP). When they have got KLIK license, it allows investor to get another licenses paralelly during the construction progress, such as, IMB, AMDAL, UKL, UPL, and etc.

FYI: It’s available for 47 Industrial Estate in Indonesia presented by BKPM RI.


KLIK gives the simplicity for investors while conducting their business. In the same time, they can conduct their construction while all of the permission letters needed due to their business is in progressing. It will be efficient for the users.

Only PT KIW (Persero) that is an industrial estate located in Central Java that has this KLIK feature. According to Decree of Head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board, No. 24, 2016.

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