“KIW is the finest location for your further investment. Regarding to the facilities, services, infrastructures, finest expense, and of course the professional teams. Let’s grow and reach a better business achievement with us. The Best Location for Better Investment”

Nowadays, business development in Indonesia is increased year by year. Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate) or KIW stands here to support the investors who has a purpose to reach a better improvement for their business further. PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero) is the company that owned and manage by Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN). The main field of this company is improving the development and management of the industial estate in Indonesia, especially in Central Java.

Regarding to the finest infrastructures, impressive facilities, professionals, and overwhelmed development that will be sharpen surround Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate and those are investors’ necessary that will support the development of investors’ business progressing in industial aspect in the future. Thus, we corporate with the regional government, the shareholder of PT KIW (Pesero) is divided with these following details, 51.09% owned by BUMN Ministry, 40.19% owned by Government of Central Java Province, and 8.52% owned by Government of Cilacap Regency.

Regarding to the finest infrastructures, impressive facilities, professionals, and overwhelmed development that will be sharpen surround Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate and those are investors’ necessary that will support the development of investors’ business progressing in  industial aspect in the future.

In accordance to improve the investors’ business development, Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate is located in a strategic area. As we know that the strategic area is the main point for investors to reach their business progressing’s goals. Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate is located in the main route of province traffic, it makes Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate so accessable. We can access the uptown, highway, harbor, airport, railway station, some government office of Central Java, hospital, and shopping center easily.

Facilitated with many features in it, makes Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate to be a perfect choice for investors while improving their business development. It facilitated with some infrastructures and prospitious services such as WTP, WWTP, favorable fee, parking area management, and office rent for investors who will improve their business development, further. Besides, the areas that ready to build for 250Ha and several factory buildings that ready to use for many usages, such as, warehouse and manufacturing for 48.338m3. Besides, we offer the feature, it called KLIK for make your business simplicity, 24 hours security system, fire brigade, and others.

Besides, KIW has achieved several awards related to their professionalism while manage this industrial estate. These awards are the prove that KIW is the best choice for mthe investor who wants to improve their business in Indonesia, especially Central Java. Besides, KIW is improving their competence in this field by created the subdiary, PT Putra Wijayakusuma Sakti


the shareholder of PT Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate
  • BUMN Ministry 51,09%
  • Government of Central Java Province 40,39%
  • Government of Cilacap Regency 8,52%

To be a professional and modern developer and administrator for industrial estate and property development


To run a developer business and properties expert, industrial estate and business with integrity.


To grow up, cooperate, contribute positively for region and national economic value


To be consistent during run a business, keep the business balance and harmony between social and environtment


Consolidate that the PT. PWS as the subsidiary that will support each other

>> / value
Crews and staffs of PT. KIW (Persero) have a responsibility related to the matters that the users and the company that join in PT. KIW (Persero) need during run their business.
Crews and staffs of PT. KIW (Persero) have a code of ethic and moral principal.
Crews and staffs of PT. KIW (Persero) have a firm and reliable characteristic.
Appreciate, support, respect each other to create the working environment harmony and conducive.
our agency has expanded and developed over the years

Dr. Prasetyo Aribowo, S.H., M.Soc, Sc.
President Commissioner

Ir. Anton Santosa, M.T.

Ir. Rachmadi Nugroho, M.T.
President Director

Joseph Sondang Tobing, M.Sc
Director of Finance

Ahmad Fauzie Nur, S.E., M.Business
Director of Operations

Pratiknya, S.H., M.H.
Head of Corporate Secretariat

Bambang Setiyawan, S.T
Head of Internal Audit

Agus Santosa, S.E.
Human Capital & GA Division Head

Kuniyanti Hadiatmaja, S. Akt.
Marketing Division Head

Danang Agung Indarto, S.E.
Account and Finance Division Head

M. Nicho Setyawan, S.T.
Business Development Division Head

San Agitato Ganda P, S.T.
Engineering Division Head

Historical Milestones
October 07, 1988:

PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero), it was PT. Kawasan Industri Cilacap (Persero), established in Cilacap, Central Java

August 14, 1998 :

The development of the newest industrial estate in Semarang, Central Java namely: PT. Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero)

October 1, 2018 :

PT KIW (Persero) established a new subsidiary as we known, that is PT Putra Wijayakusuma Sakti (PWS)

pws kiw
A Subsidiary Company of
PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero)


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+6224 8662156


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