Whistle Blowing System (WBS) & Gratification Controlling

In order to apply a propitious corporate governance and to create a fine and prestigious officials and crews of PT KIW (Persero), thus, published a Board of Directors Decree Number: 57/SK/D.KIW/12/2018 concerning company policy is issued which regulates the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) and Number: 47/SK/D.KIW/11/2018 concerning Gratification Control and the Establishment of the Gratuity Control Unit (UPG).

WBS is the system that has a function to manage a complainments/disclosure related to the activities that against the laws, non-ethic acts, that might used to optimize the roles of the crews, the interested party in Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate, and the employees, and the business partner during revealed the offenses that happen in the environment of Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate.

DCalled as Reporter, namely employees/interested parties and business partners of PT KIW (Persero) and other stake-holders. We guarantee the confidential of the identity of the reporter. The company guarantees the protection against of the reporter from all forms of threats, intimidation, punishment, or unpleasant actions from any party as long as the reporter maintains the case complained to any party.

ANTI GRATIFIKASI PT KIWThe procedure of reporting a complainings. Feel free to send it to our WBS management by contacting us on 08121111021 or send it by email to wbs@kiw.co.id

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